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April/May 2006
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The Accomplishments of the 2005-2006 Executive Board

by: Kelli Tovar
Staff Writer


Despite the recent elections for the Student Association on March 28th and 29th, the executive board has reflected many accomplishments and successes over the past year.


DuJuan Smith

DuJuan SmithPresident and member of five years, DuJuan Smith, rejoiced about the SA, as a whole, giving more help and assistance to students who are in need.

Smith said, “A lot of our initiative was not being reactive, but proactive. Instead of us waiting on students to come to us with any concerns or issues, we made a very strong effort to actually get out there to our students.”

As an individual, Smith helped implement the Campus Security Fund, which was established to cover the cost of security for on campus events. The Campus Security Fund allows more organizations to hold events on campus because the cost of security is covered which allows more activities to be held on campus.

As the SA president, Smith's duties included making clear and tangible goals for the staff, influencing policies, and attending various meetings daily.

Smith is an Applied Sociology major with a double minor in Psychology and Black Studies and will be graduating May 2006. After graduation, he plans on continuing at NIU for higher education. Smith is also the president for the Leaders in a Fight to Eradicate Aids (L.I.F.E. AIDS) and a member of the Black Student Union (BSU).

Before being elected president, Smith served as the SA Senator his first two years, the Director of Organizational Development, and the SA Treasurer.

Smith believes that it is important for students to get involved in organizations.

He said, “One of the reasons that I got involved with the Student Association, was because when I first got here I noticed some things that I wanted to change. Through this organization, just by being involved you really can bring about some positive changes and quality work that can be produced for the betterment of NIU.”


Daniel Jaquez

Daniel JaquezVice President and member of the SA for two years, Daniel Jaquez focuses on how the SA executive board has had a positive impact on the students in the past year.

When asked what the SA executive board has accomplished as a whole this past year, Jaquez replied, “We've accomplished the main goals that we established in the beginning of the year, and we have also kept close relationships with student organizations.”

As an individual, Jaquez put forth great effort into the Organizational Fair. He also helped implement the first Spring Organizational Fair that received positive feedback from students.

Jaquez's duties as Vice President included staying in touch with students and student organizations, answering messages from organizations, helping new organizations become recognized, and providing students with events and programs. He is an Accountancy major with a minor in Spanish and will be graduating in May of 2007. After he graduates, Jaquez would like to stay at the university and become involved with scholarships.

He said, “I would like to help people who are less fortunate have the chance of a college education.”

Jaquez was involved at Waubonsee Community College as Student Trustee, Executive Vice President, and he ran for senator. He has been involved with the SA for two years, first year as a Senator.


Aaron Langguth

Aaron LangguthThe current student body treasurer and member of the SA for three years, Aaron Langguth, also had many positive comments about the past year.

When asked what the SA has done as a whole this past year, Langguth replied, “Improved student life on this campus, specifically reaching out more to individual students as well as student organizations.”

As an individual Langguth helped rewrite the finance policy so it's easier for students to understand and also worked to get organizational allocations up to fulfill what students need in terms of money. He also spent several months working on student fees in efforts to keep them as low as possible.

When asked what the SA has done to make life better for the students, Langguth praised Oliver Vasquez, the Director of Cultural Affairs, because he helped organize a Thanksgiving dinner at the Neuman Center , which focused on integration between the students and promoted cultural awareness. He also praised the grant money used for the bus system which also helped add a bus to the late night ride service.

As the SA Treasurer, Langguth's duties are to manage policies that relate to funding for student organizations, making sure that all regulations are followed.

Langguth is a Corporate Communication major with a minor in Economics. He plans to graduate in May of 2007. After graduation, Langguth plans on continuing at NIU to obtain his masters in Sports Management. He is also involved in the College of Republicans , American Advertising Federation, and various other volunteer groups. Some previous positions held by Langguth include the SA Senator, Director of Mass Transit, and Chief of Staff.

Langguth thinks that there is always room for improvement. He said, “whatever we can do to make the lives of students' better we always are open to hear.”


Andrew Nelms

Andrew NelmsStudent Trustee and SA member for five years, Andrew Nelms, reflects the goals accomplished over the past year.

When asked what the SA executive board has completed as a whole this past year, Nelms replied, “We were actually able to accomplish a lot of the goals that we set out to do. For the goals that have not been achieved totally, we've achieved steps towards completing them.”

Some of the many goals accomplished included creating the security fund, getting another bus for late night ride, and to pave the gravel lots on campus.

As an individual, Nelms has continued to fight for information security. Nelms' efforts in the past and in the present are to lessen the amount of times the university uses social security numbers.

As Student Trustee, Nelms was able to vote this past year on the bill that completed the acquisition of a new data management system that would eliminate the use of social security numbers.

Nelms' duties as Student Trustee are working on student fees for the upcoming year, room and board rates, and helping the Board of Trustees set tuition rates. On a day to day basis, Nelms' tries hard to advocate particular issues, such as student fees, for the students.

He is an American History major and will be graduating in May of 2006. After graduation, Nelms' plans to stay at NIU for graduate school. He is also involved in the College of Republicans . Some previous positions held by Nelms include member of the Student Senate for four years, two of which he served as Speaker of the Senate, and then he was elected as Student Trustee.

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